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Learn about our expertise

BearUp tackles problems head on to drive growth in any part of your business.

Functional expertise

We know that our clients’ success depends on differentiating their capabilities — and we have the experience and depth in these areas to ensure that our clients gain the advantage they need.

Data Science

Data informs and drives growth. Using qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes, BearUp extracts patterns and trends to unlock value, determine strategic initiatives, and inform organizational decisions.


BearUp works with clients to improve their security posture. We assess threats and vulnerabilities, identify organizational risk, prioritize remediation efforts, and implement solutions to secure IT environments and critical assets from sophisticated cyber-attacks.


Forward-thinking companies leverage automation technologies to enable more productive employees and satisfied customers. BearUp’s Business Automation services will determine the optimal way to automate processes based on client needs, costs, benefits, culture and scalability.

Product Development / Mobile Development

Our product development team thrives on collaboration; we’ll work together – and with you – through every step of the product design and development process, culminating in a beautifully-designed product that resonates with consumers.

Collaboration + Engagement + Results

About the company

Mission & value

BearUp tackles problems head on to drive growth in any part of your business.

We are dedicated to addressing the ever-changing global technology challenges that face the telecommunication and healthcare industries to continually improve the customer experience

Background & history

Founded in 2018 by CEO of DayBlink Consulting, LLC, BearUp deploys seasoned industry experts to telecommunications and healthcare clients ready to launch major technological initiatives. With our team of data scientists, cybersecurity specialists, product developers and automation experts, BearUp delivers accelerated innovation and unleashes the potential of our clients’ digital strategy.


Michael Wong


Michael Wong is a respected business strategist, agilist, entrepreneur and leader. Over the last 20 years in Management Consulting, Michael successfully supported clients in areas such as strategic execution, operational improvement, mergers and acquisitions, corporate communication, and cyber security.


Frustrated with the lack of innovation and outdated models that envelop the consulting landscape, Michael saw a great opportunity to disrupt the industry. In 2013, DayBlink Consulting was born. As founder and CEO, Michael leads all aspects of the firm’s strategy and operations, and continues to deliver results on key initiatives for DayBlink clientele.


In addition to his professional responsibilities, Michael is a devoted alumnus and regular classroom contributor of his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, where he earned a BBA degree in Accountancy. In 2009, Michael was elected President of the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, representing more than 130,000 alumni worldwide. In this capacity, he concurrently served as a member of the university’s Board of Trustees.

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