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What we look for

Building something great, inspiring purpose, and bettering ourselves…together.

Our Team

We are growing a new kind of consulting practice: a practice that leverages deep industry expertise, successful entrepreneurial experience, and a commitment to service to make an impact in our community and society.

We hire people—accomplished, uncommon, inspired people—not resumes.


We are a talented team of doers, achievers, and believers looking for experience and skill that strengthens the whole. BearUp’s people are its number one asset and we are dedicated to the development and success of all of our employees.

Founded on principles of sharing risks and rewards, and aligning compensation with created value.


When we do this, clients, employees, and BearUp all benefit. In addition to a highly competitive total compensation package, every employee is rewarded for contributing to the success of the company in strategy, sales, and execution.

BearUp is dedicated to addressing the ever-changing global challenges

About the company

Mission & value

BearUp is dedicated to addressing the ever-changing global technology challenges that face the telecommunication and healthcare industries to continually improve the customer experience

Background & history

Founded in 2018 by CEO of DayBlink Consulting, LLC, BearUp deploys seasoned industry experts to telecommunications and healthcare clients ready to launch major technological initiatives. With its team of data scientists, cybersecurity specialists, product developers and automation experts, BearUp delivers accelerated innovation and unleashes the potential of our clients’ digital strategy.

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