We have the depth to ensure our clients get the advantage they deserve.

BearUp indexes functional expertise to to drive growth in any part of your business

Our clients are Fortune 1000 companies, Small Businesses, U.S. Federal agencies, State & Local Governments, Tribal Organizations, among many others. We strive to help every one of our clients achieve their goals by providing the people who specialize in one or many of our core capabilities. 

We know our clients’ success depends on the ability to differentiate capabilities — BearUp Consulting has the expertise and depth in these areas to ensure our clients get the people they need and gain the advantage they deserve.

Our capabilities

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Data Science

Data informs and drives growth. Using quantitative and qualitative techniques and processes, BearUp extracts patterns to determine strategic initiatives and drive change within the organization.

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BearUp works to improve our clients’ security. We assess threats, prioritize remediation efforts, and implement solutions to secure IT environments and assets from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Product Development

Our product development team thrives on collaboration. We work with our clients through every step of the development process, leading to beautifully-designed products that resonates with consumers.

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To survive in today’s environment, clients are looking to process automation to drive critical business value. BearUp provides the expertise to implement with minimal investment and disruption.

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Project Management

Great management is more than delivering on budget, on time. It’s about uniting a team and establishing accountability, spurring consistent and quality delivery for your customers.

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Agile / Scrum

As enterprises continue to look to Agile to spur efficiency within, many will find it tough without Agile professionals. With them at the helm, our clients are much better equipped to “do” and “be” Agile.